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AI for Public Safety in Local Governments

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Artificial Intelligence can be used to identify patterns in crime data to help police and local government public safety officials allocate resources more effectively.  join this session to learn more.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to analyze crime data and identify patterns that may not be immediately visible to human analysts. By processing large amounts of data from multiple sources, AI algorithms can identify correlations and patterns that can help law enforcement allocate resources more effectively. Ways that AI can be used for crime pattern recognition include:

  • Predictive Policing: AI algorithms can be trained on historical crime data to predict where crimes are likely to occur in the future. Police departments can then use this information to allocate resources to high-risk areas and prevent crime before it happens.

  • Link Analysis: AI can be used to identify links between different crimes, suspects, and locations. By analyzing these links, law enforcement can identify criminal networks and take action to disrupt them.

  • Crime Clustering: AI algorithms can be used to identify patterns in crime data, such as hotspots where multiple crimes have occurred. This information can help police departments allocate resources to these areas and prevent further crime.

  • Facial Recognition: AI can be used to analyze surveillance footage and identify suspects using facial recognition technology. This can help law enforcement identify suspects more quickly and prevent further crimes from being committed.

Overall, AI can help police departments allocate resources more effectively by identifying patterns in crime data and providing insights that can inform decision-making. However, it is important to ensure that the use of AI is ethical, transparent, and respects individual rights to privacy and due process.


  • Public Safety Communications Managers

  • Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement

  • Search and Rescue Personnel

  • Fire/EMS

  • Sheriffs

  • Police Chiefs

  • Fire Chiefs

  • Public Safety Directors

  • and more ...

The event will include case studies and panel discussions.  We will:

  • Encourage participants to share their own experiences and insights

  • Facilitate group discussion on the challenges and opportunities of using AI for public safety 

  • Summarize key takeaways from the seminar


Program to be announced


Event MC / Session Moderators TO BE ANNOUNCED



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